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The Department of Spatial Planning supports the international exchange of students within the framework of the EU program Lifelong Learning/ERASMUS. So far, the Department of Spatial Planning has signed cooperation agreements for the exchange of students and lecturers with about 449 universities in EU member states, as well as in Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. New contacts to further potential partner universities are constantly being established.

General Information

General information about ERASMUS studies, e.g. regarding the duration of stay or the benefits, can be found at the International Office.
Specific information on the study abroad program in spatial planning can be found in this brochure (German).

Here you can find the current presentation of the ERASMUS Info Event from 23.11.2022 

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Every winter semester, the application for available study places at the partner universities takes place. Prior to each application phase, there is a comprehensive information event in which all details about application and allocation of places are conveyed to the students of the Department of Spatial Planning. It usually takes place at the end of November, date and time will be announced on our homepage. In addition, the event is announced by a notice in the Department of Spatial Planning.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend the annual information session, as it provides very comprehensive and useful information and addresses students' questions about studying abroad in general.

In order to apply for one of the partner universities of the Department of Spatial Planning, a CV with photo and a short letter of motivation must be submitted to the ERASMUS office of the Department of Spatial Planning after the information event in November of each year. Among other things, the desired university and two alternatives must be mentioned. In this way, an alternative university can be assigned if necessary, if the first choice could possibly not be assigned. In the letter of motivation, reasons should be presented on no more than one DIN A4 page as to why the student is suitable for the desired university. Students will then be informed of the allocation of places in January at the latest.

If you have any questions, please contact the Erasmus team at erasmus.rptu-dortmundde.


The International Office has published reports of former ERASMUS students (returnees) on their homepage, which can be found here. Students of the Department of Spatial Planning have also created the website Planerwelt, where you can find more reports of their experiences.