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Master in Spatial Planning

Project Study

The interdisciplinary master's program in spatial planning at the TU Dortmund offers practical work.

In a Master Project or Master Design Studio, students work in groups of four to six students on current issues in spatial planning. The work deepens analytical and conceptual skills and promotes general skills such as teamwork or project management and coordination. All Master Projects and Master Design Studios are taught over the course of one semester. Participating in a Master Project requires a 

high level of communicative skills (such as concise presentations, effective moderation of meetings of the group and taking the minutes). Master projects actively exploit group dynamics, hence the capacity to collaborate in a group, agree upon a working pro­gram, and manage a smooth working process is essential for a Master Project. Breaking down a complex planning problem into comprehensible parts, working on these parts individually or in groups of two and bringing it all together in one final report is the main task of a Master-Project. The results are also presented in a defense. 

Master Projects are supervised but the groups work fairly independently.