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Honorary professors

Honorary professors are part-time university lecturers who teach students in a wide range of practice-oriented knowledge.

Honorary professors involved in current teaching

Seminar „Planning law for the energy infrastructure” in the Master in Spatial Planning
Seminar „Economy in the City“ in the Master in Spatial Planning
"Supply and disposal systems" and "Environmental protection planning" in the Bachelor in Spatial Planning
Seminar "Layers of the Ruhr Area" Seminar "Urban Regeneration in European Countries”

Honorary professors not currently involved in teaching

  • Hon-Prof. Dr. Eckhart Hahn
  • Hon-Prof. Peter Hansen
  • Hon-Prof. Dr. Christoph Kohlmeyer

Are currently released from the obligations arising from the honorary professorship.

Former honorary professors

  • Hon-Prof. Dr. Helmut W. Jenkis †
  • Hon-Prof. Dr. Michael Krautzberger †