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Prospective SPRING Students

After Admission

This section provides essential information concerning your stay in Germany.

How to prepare for Dortmund

Before leaving for Germany we provide you with our tripartite brochure "How To Prepare" between June and August.

  • Part 1: Before leaving your country
  • Part 2  Introducing the SPRING Master Programme
  • Part 3: Travelling to Dortmund

Important before leaving your country

Please make sure you have a valid passport for your two year stay abroad. Moreover, you need to contact the German Embassy or Consulate in your country and request a student visa for Germany in due time. Be aware that this process takes several weeks.

For your student visa application you have to submit:

  • your valid passport,
  • your letter of admission to TU Dortmund University and
  • a letter of award from your sponsoring organisation.

Getting organised just after your arrival at Dortmund

During the first week in Germany the SPRING student assistants support you in all administrative matters. Please feel free to ask anything you are not sure of.

SPRING Programme schedule

  • Arrival in Dortmund: 1st weekend of Octoberr
  • Orientation phase (O-Phase): first week of October
  • Duration of the SPRING pro­gram in Dortmund: from first week of October until July next year

Please note that the annual schedule may be adjusted if necessary.

The following administrative steps will need to be done after your arrival

  • Health Insurance: all SPRING students will have an appointment with the insurance company on our campus. You will receive an official notification which is relevant for your matriculation at TU Dortmund University and your student visa application.
  • Enrolment: for you enrolment at TU Dortmund University you will be taken to the student office the following day.
  • Visa: During the first week SPRING student assistants will take your passports to the foreign office in Dortmund. It will take a few days until your residence permit is granted. (Please consider that you are not able to travel without your passport anywhere in Europe).

All administrative matters need to be done during the first week after your arrival. Therefore, please make sure that you schedule your arrival on the proposed dates and that you have all required documents at hand!

Acknowledgement of receipt
Please contact us if you do not receive a confirmation of receipt within one week after submission of your application  

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the SPRING application, do not hesitate to contact us