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Alumni Activites

SPRING Alumni Chile

Photo with former SPRING students at an alumni conference
Photo of Mehamooda-Khan during their presentation

The SPRING Chile Alumni consists of 75 professionals, with origins coming from Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe graduating at the partner university, Universidad Austral de Chile. The SPRING Program in Chile started in 2016 and 10 years later the alumni network was formed by a group of Alumni coming from diverse countries residing in Valdivia. Apart from networking, or just simply hanging out for group dinners, or over beers, one of the main goals was to help the new cohort of SPRING students adjust while living in the city. This led to emerging ideas on how the Alumni can engage and strengthen the network. As a result, the first Winter School in Valdivia was successfully organized and held in 2019, with the support of DAAD and Wilo-Foundation, alongside the Universidad Austral de Chile and TU Dortmund, wherein one of the agreed output was to create the SPRING-Regional Development Planners LinkedIn group. In 2020, in the middle of the COVID crisis, the first full online conference, SPRING Cross-Regional Dialogue, was spearheaded and organized by another group of SPRING Chile Alumni, in collaboration with fellow Alumni who graduated from other partner universities. Technical help and live streaming for the conference was supported by Alumniportal Deutschland. All of these activities were volunteer driven. We encourage and invite all SPRING Chile Alumni from Latinamerica, as well as fellow SPRING Alumni from other partner universities to join us in future collaborations, Alumni events, joint publications, and possible projects, among other exciting ventures. Please visit, to know more about what the SPRING Chile/Latinamerica is up to and to connect with fellow SPRING Alumni, please check out our social network group pages:  SPRING UACh - Valdivia Facebook page and the LinkedIn group page.