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Master in Spatial Planning

Part-time study

If desired, the M.Sc. Spatial Planning can also be completed part-time. The decision for part-time study must be made at the time of enrollment and is then valid for the current semester. As a rule, a maximum of 20 CP can be completed per semester, resulting in a standard study time of 3 semesters.

The sequence of courses and modules or examinations is not predetermined and can be arranged flexibly according to the courses offered and individual choice. Module 2 (Master Project/Master Design Studio) is completed either in the first or second semester of the degree program.

The Master's thesis (Module 4) is completed in four months during the course of study. The deadline is unchanged for part-time students. In contrast to full-time students, however, no other courses or examinations are taken while the master's thesis is being completed. The Master's thesis should be registered at the beginning of the third semester at the latest, so that the study program can be completed by the end of the semester.

There are no special rules or requirements for application and admission. As a rule, BAföG funding is not available for part-time students.

If you have any further questions, please contact the M.Sc. student advisory board.

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