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Master in Spatial Planning

Application for our Master Program

Below you will find important information on how to apply for our Master's program.

Please take your time and read the following information carefully, as many fundamental aspects are explained which are­ important for your application­!

There are different ways to­ apply for a Master's degree­ program at TU­ Dortmund­ University. ­Which application method is the right one for you personally depends on your nationality (EU/non EU) and your educational certificates.

Please note: ­ Graduates who­ gained­ their Bachelor's degree in­ Germany must­ contact­ the Student Registration Office­ for application and enrollment in a Master's program­.


Summer term 15th of November until 15th of December
Winter term 15th of January until 15th of May

Application Information for non-EU/EEA Nationals

You are no EU/EEA national, have a foreign uni­ver­si­ty degree and would like to apply for a Master's degree program?

Applications are submitted via uni-assist, the processing and service center for in­ter­na­tio­nal student applications.

For further information please have a look at our FAQ.

Application information EU / European Economic Area (EEA)

You have EU/EEA citizenship and a foreign university degree or no EU/EEA citizenship and have obtained your undergraduate degree (e.g. Bachelor’s degree) in an EU/EEA country.