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Student advisory service

Bachelor's and Master's Student Advisory Service

The student advisory service for the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in spatial planning is available to all prospective students and students in all phases of their studies up to the start of their careers. Currently, there are no counseling sessions in person. However, it is possible to arrange telephone or zoom appointments at any time, in addition to having your questions answered by e-mail.

Academic advising concept for spatial planning

The modules of the department's student advising concept provide ongoing support and guidance for students and students in residence throughout all phases of their studies. The academic advising concept of the department pursues the goal of supporting students in their decision-making, in their course of study and in their considerations of individual profile formation. The individual modules that accompany the studies and take place over all semesters are:

  • Individual advisory services offered by the student advisory service for students and graduates
  • Events for students in the Bachelor's program
  • One-week introductory phase at the beginning of the 1st semester as part of the module "Introduction to spatial planning"
  • Tutorials by students from higher semesters in the A-projects of the 1st year. On the one hand, the tutors support the project work, but on the other hand, they are also available for advice on all questions concerning the study program
  • Mentoring concept in the 3rd/4th semester to support students with study delays
  • Information sessions for higher-level students at the beginning of each semester for scheduling and individual study planning
  • One-day introductory session for master's students before the beginning of each semester
  • Graduate surveys and "Career Forum" event to provide information on occupational fields of spatial planning and to guide students in their considerations of individual majors
  • Alumni job distribution list for graduates of the department

Contact persons

Student office hours

During the opening hours of the Service Office (GB III, R. 3.207), the student assistants are available to answer any questions concerning the study program, which they can answer based on their own experience.

Send e-mail

Phone: +49 231 755-4853
Location: GB III, Room3.207

Office hours:
During the lecture period, Mondays to Tuesdays and Thursdays to Fridays from 12:00 to 14:00.
Currently, there are no face-to-face consultations. However, it is always possible to make telephone or zoom appointments in addition to answering questions by mail.


For further information on the service and opening hours, please see here