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PhD Procedure

The PhD procedure is as explained below:

1. Acceptance as PhD candidate

To achieve a doctoral degree you have to submit an application for "Admission to the PhD Procedure" to the PhD Com­mit­tee. It comprises the Application form, certificates (of Higher Education Entrance Qualification, …) and more documents if necessary. The PhD Com­mit­tee examines all requirements and will announce a temporary permission (also additional requirements in terms of examinations can be imposed). You will receive a written response.

It is strongly advised that you enroll (matriculation) at the beginning of your doctoral efforts, so that all requirements can be examined. Enrollment will prevent your PhD procedure being cancelled at a later stage if any formal requirements are not fulfilled.  

2. Opening of the PhD Procedure and determination of the examination committee

In connection with the opening of the PhD Procedure the PhD Com­mit­tee will define two supervisors. Suggestions by the PhD student will be considered.

Before submission of the dissertation you have to apply for the final doctoral degree. The application has to be confirmed by the PhD Com­mit­tee. Additionally the PhD student has to apply for the confirmation of her or his Examination Committee by the PhD Com­mit­tee.

The submission of the dissertation compromises: four (4) printed copies and one (1) digital copy of the dissertation on CD. All records have to be submitted to the PhD Com­mit­tee.

The examination procedure shall be completed within six month after submission.

3. Receiving of the supervisors' reports and determination of the examination date

After the chairperson of the PhD Com­mit­tee receives the supervisors' reports, the PhD Com­mit­tee will hand them out to the other supervisors and examiners.

The PhD student defines the examination date and informs the PhD Com­mit­tee about her or his decision.

4. Invitation to the examination

The PhD Com­mit­tee will invite all persons involved in the PhD procedure to the examination. The invitation has to include an abstract written by the PhD student. 

5. Disputation

The disputation consists of a presentation of the PhD work by the PhD candidate, followed by an oral examination of the work.  The disputation will be moderated by a professor who was assigned by the PhD Com­mit­tee (normally a member of the examination committee).

After the disputation the supervisors can assign stipulations concerning essential improvements of the dissertation. The PhD student has to be briefed within six weeks about stipulations (by email and a copy to the PhD Com­mit­tee or orally. Therefore the PhD student must ensure her or his actual postal and email address is on file).

After successful defense of the work in the oral examination the PhD student can receive a preliminary validation by request.

6. Submission of the published copies

From the time of the disputation the PhD student has one (1) year time to publish the dissertation.

The dissertation has to be open to the public by providing three copies free of charge to the library of TU Dortmund. The copies have to be printed on non-aging wood and acid-free paper and must be permanently bound. The information that the dissertation is published at the Department of Spatial Planning of TU Dortmund University have to be printed on the rear page of the title page.  

7. Certificate of Doctoral Degree

The Dean´s Office of the Department of Spatial Planning will send the official certificate after it receives a confirmation from the TU Dortmund University library that the three copies were submitted. The PhD candidate is allowed to bear the new title only after receiving the official certificate.


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