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PhD Committee

PhD Procedure

Have you finished your studies and want to start a doctoral degree at the Department of Spatial Planning? There are several steps to keep in mind.

The PhD process isn´t provided by TU Dortmund itself and there is no central admissions office for the university. Instead all departments at the TU Dortmund University organize the PhD process individually, regulate the admissions processes and take care of their doctoral candidates.

The most important information is as follows.

Graphic which shows the PhD Procedure.

1. Application phase

When? Anytime

What has to be done? Before applying for a doctorate, each applicant must have found a supervisor for the doctorate. This person must be from among the de­part­ment's university teachers* and have the appropriate expertise. It is advisable to submit a synopsis of your research proposal to the eligible persons. The doctoral committee is not involved in the search for the supervisor.

Who? Doctoral student

When? Before writing the application.

What documents/information are needed? Many of the questions that arise are clarified by the doctoral regulations. These regulations are the legally binding documents concerning the doctorate, get to know them!

Who? Doctoral student

When? 2 weeks before the doctoral committee meeting.

What to do? Submit an application with the required documents to the doctoral committee.

Which documents/information are required?

  • Application form with details of the desired doctoral degree and the topic of the dissertation, details of the type of publication (book dissertation or publication of at least 3 articles in specialist journals)
  • Exposé with time schedule
  • Certificates or certified copies (AHR to Master incl. transcripts)
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Copy of identity card
  • Confirmation of supervision by the supervising university lecturer

Who? Doctoral student

When? Immediately after the doctoral committee meeting.

What documents/information are required? Written information from the doctoral committee regarding admission via email with the applications to be fulfilled, if applicable.

Who? PhD committee

When? Within 3 weeks after admission. Send certificate of enrollment to doctoral committee.

What is to be done? Enrollment as a doctoral student in the doctoral program in spatial planning (at the Registrar's Office / International Office).

Which documents/information are required?

  • Completed online application form
  • Document of acceptance as a doctoral student
  • Officially certified copy of the university certificate
  • Officially certified copy of university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur certificate)
  • Certificate(s) of exmatriculation
  • Copy of the identity card
  • Health insurance certificate or exemption certificate
  • Passport photograph
  • Direct debit authorization for student union fees and administration fees

Who? Doctoral student / Student secretariat

When? After matriculation.

What to do? Send certificate of enrollment to the doctoral committee.

What documents/information are required?

  • Certificate of enrollment

Who? Doctoral student

2. Research, editing, writing the dissertation

When? 3 years

What needs to be done?

  • Comply with requirements, if applicable
  • Complete structured doctoral program
  • Write dissertation (If desired, a LateX template for writing a dissertation is available in the download area)

Who? Doctoral student

If the dissertation takes more than 3 years to complete, an extension of the doctoral period must be requested. This is done by means of an informal application stating the reasons and the matriculation number. This application must be sent to the doctoral committee.

What to do?

  • Complete the structured doctoral program
  • You will receive the certificate of completion of the structured doctoral program from your primary supervisor upon fulfillment

Who? Doctoral student

When? 3-6 months before the delivery.

What is to be done? Search for a second reviewer and a chair of the review board.

Who? Doctoral student (in consultation with the reviewer)

3. After completion

When? No later than two weeks before the next meeting of the PhD Committee.

What documents/information are required?

  • Informal request for completion of the examination committee
  • If applicable, application for change of title

Who? Doctoral candidate

When? Immediately after the next meeting of the doctoral committee.

What is to be done? Doctoral committee sends application resolutions to doctoral candidates.

What documents/information are needed?

  • Resolution

Who? PhD Committee

4. Examination phase

When? At the earliest, after receipt of all resolutions and completion of all documents.

What has to be done? You can hand it in at the secretary's office of the doctoral committee (GB III room 3.212). Please make an appointment in advance at the secretary's office.

Which documents/information are required?

  • Application for acceptance of the dissertation
  • Printed dissertation in four bound, typewritten copies and as a PDF file on a suitable data carrier
  • Summary of the dissertation in the amount of no more than 7,000 characters
  • A written affidavit that the dissertation was written independently and that all sources and assistance used were noted in the dissertation
  • A statement as to whether the dissertation has already been submitted in its current version or in another version or in parts at the Technical University of Dortmund or at another university in connection with a state or academic examination (this also applies to versions in other languages)
  • Proof of successful completion of the structured doctoral program

Who? Doctoral student

When? Immediately after submission of the dissertation.

What is to be done? The secretariat of the doctoral committee forwards one copy of the dissertation to each member of the examination board and asks for the submission of a review by the first and second reviewer within 12 weeks.

What documents/information are required?

  • Expert opinion

Who? Reviewer

When? After the doctoral candidate and his examination board have submitted the expert opinions and set the date of the examination.

What has to be done? The secretariat of the doctoral committee sends the reports to the doctoral candidate and the members of the examination board and asks for notification of the date of the disputation.

When coordinating the date of the disputation, please note that the announcement must be made at least 20 days before the examination, so that a display can take place in accordance with the applicable doctoral regulations.

Who? Doctoral committee; doctoral candidate; examination board

When? After announcement (14 + 3 days).

What is to be done? The doctoral committee announces the date of the disputation and the display of the dissertation thesis to the university public.

What documents/information are required? The dissertation will be available in room 3.212 for 14 days before the disputation date, so that interested persons can read it.

Who? Dissertation committee

When? At the end of the display period.

What is to be done? The doctoral candidate presents his/her dissertation and is then questioned by his/her examination committee. After the examination, the grade is announced and, if necessary, conditions are imposed.

Who? Examination board; doctoral candidate

When? The protocol is written during the disputation.

What is to be done? The minutes are drawn up by the chair of the examination committee or a person appointed by them. The chairperson then sends the minutes to the doctoral committee in a timely manner.

Who? Chairperson of the examination board

When? In consultation with the first supervisor after the disputation. Only after the first examiner has certified that the requirements have been fulfilled does the final phase begin.

Who? Examination board; doctoral student

5. Completion of the Doctorate

When? After submission of the protocol and, if applicable, written statement of compliance with requirements.

What has to be done? The doctoral candidate submits the documents for the preparation of the certificate after being requested to do so by the doctoral committee.

Which documents/information are required?

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Cover sheet
  • Abstract
  • Certificate form

Who? Doctoral candidate

When? After fulfillment of the requirements.

What is to be done? Publication online or through the university library, or publisher. Submission of three printed copies of the dissertation to the university library.

What documents/information are required?

  • Certificate of submission must be sent to the dissertation committee

Who? Doctoral candidate

What is to be done? The doctoral candidate* receives the certificate and is allowed to wear and use the doctoral title from this point on.

Which documents/information are required?

  • Certificate

Who? Doctoral committee; doctoral candidate