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Studying at the TU Dortmund

Studying in Dortmund

The city of Dortmund is located in one of Germany’s major urban agglomerations, the Rhine-Ruhr area. With almost 600,000 inhabitants, Dortmund is one of the largest economic hubs in North-Rhine Westphalia and the 7th largest city in Germany. Traditionally famous for beer and for its steel and coal industry, Dortmund has transformed itself into an important high-tech location.

Living in Dortmund means combining urban life with outdoor facilities: Dortmund is known as Westphalia's "green metropolis". Nearly half of the municipal territory consists of woodland, agriculture, waterways and green spaces including spacious parks such as the Westfalenpark, the Rombergpark and the Fredenbaumpark.  The urban quarters are peppered with green spaces, tall rows of street trees, and pocket parks that offer places to sit and enjoy the afternoon sun, grill with friends, and meet new people.

Although about 80 % of homes in Dortmund were destroyed during World War II, the city centre still retains the outline of the medieval city. The two famous churches “Reinoldikirche” and “Marienkirche”, located directly in the city centre are gems of medieval architecture. The ring road marks the former city wall. The Westen-/Ostenhellweg, which was part of a medieval salt trading route, is still the major street bisecting the city centre. Nowadays it is one of the most frequented shopping streets in Germany.

The city of Dortmund is highly accessible by air, road and rail. Dortmund airport is a medium-sized airport just 13 km east of the city centre. The Ruhrschnellweg connects Dortmund with the other metropolises of the Ruhr Area. For public transportation Dortmund has an efficient commuter railway, underground train and bus system. The main station is one of the largest long distance traffic junctions in Germany.

Dortmund is home of the sports club Borussia Dortmund (BVB), and Germany's largest football stadium with a capacity of almost 83,000 spectators. The low living expenses offer students the opportunity to enjoy manifold amenities even being on a budget.

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