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Doctorate at the Department of Spatial Planning

The PhD is not centrally regulated by the uni­ver­si­ty and there is no central admission office to which you can turn. Instead, each de­part­ment of the TU Dort­mund determines and regulates the PhD independently and is responsible for the registration and admission of the PhD students of its de­part­ment. The doctorate at the Department of Spatial Planning is governed by the PhD regulations.  Decisions on doctoral projects are made by the PhD Committee.

Doctoral students of the de­part­ment are intensively supported by their supervisors. Special colloquia for doctoral candidates have been set up in many re­search groups. In addition, there is a de­part­ment-wide in­ter­na­tio­nal colloquium for doctoral students, which is especially aimed at students from abroad.

Information about the PhD Committee

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