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Equal Opportunity Representatives

At the TU Dortmund a central Equal Opportunity Commissioner has been in place since 2010 (Martina Stackelbeck) and a decentralized Equal Opportunity Commissioner is included at all departments. Further informations about the Equal Opportunity Commissioner of the TU Dortmund and the Equal Opportunity Office can be found here (in German).

Equal Opportunity Officer of the Department of Spatial Planning

The Equal Opportunity Commissioners of the Departments are the contact persons for questions concerning equal opportunities in the Departments. They represent the Equal Opportunity Commissoner of the TU Dortmund in their department, as far as legally possible. They are advisory members of all committees of their department and are informed by the department about all issues concerning equal treatment of women and men. The Equal Opportunity Commissioners have a speaking right and the right to make motions. They are in direct contact to the Equal Opportunity Commissioner of the TU Dortmund.
The Equal Opportunity Commissioners are elected by the women of the department. Nina Schuster holds the function. The deputy commissioner is Sabine Bongers-Römer.

Committee on Equal Opportunities

The Department of Spatial Planning has set up a committee for equality and the promotion of diversity. The status groups elect the members of the Equal Opportunities Commission (one representative and one deputy). The Equal Opportunity Commission elects a chairperson from among its members. The chairperson shall be informed in good time by the relevant Research Groups of the Department in all matters that affect equal opportunities. In order to effectively fulfill its tasks, the Equal Opportunity Commission is supported by the department with material and auxiliary resources.

The work of the commission is based on the equal opportunity concept of the de­part­ment as well as on recommendations of the funding agencies (e.g. DFG) to support the careers of women in particular. In the orientation of the support, the commission sees a focus on individual career support through mentoring and coaching.

Link: DFG Career Support

Applications can be submitted at any time. The Equal Opportunity Commission will make a decision in a timely manner. We therefore request applications that explain the measure in the context of career planning (including a breakdown of costs). With regard to the distribution of funds among the research groups, the funding of previous years will be taken into account. 


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