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Complaints Office

The quality assurance and improvement of teaching and learning is a constant goal of the Department of Spatial Planning. We would like to support our students with any problems related to the classroom and have therefore set up a decentralized complaint department.

Dr. Katrin Gliemann

Photo of Dr. Katrin Gliemann

Department of International Planning Studies

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Phone: +49 231 755-6939
Location: GB I, Room 402

Each complaint is also an opportunity. The Complaints Office provides contact points – both in the faculties as well as at the central uni­ver­si­ty level – to which students can turn in cases of conflict or if they wish to make a complaint or suggestion for improvement in the area of teaching and studies.

As a rule, the Complaints Offices in the faculties are the first port of call for problems in the area of teaching and studies. However, should there be reasons why the complaint cannot be handled in the de­part­ment or if it is a matter that concerns several faculties or the uni­ver­si­ty as a whole, students may contact the Central Complaints Office.