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Uni­ver­sity of the Philippines (UP-SURP) - Manila, The Philippines

Established in 1965, the School of Urban and Re­gio­nal Plan­ning at the Uni­ver­sity of the Philippines (UP-SURP) remains to date the only graduate train­ing institution in Urban and Re­gio­nal Plan­ning in the Philippines. It has been at the forefront of development plan­ning efforts in the country through its four-fold mandate of graduate education, re­search, train­ing and extension services since its inception. Aside from the SPRING uni­ver­si­ty network, UP-SURP has academic and institutional linkages with the Seoul National Uni­ver­sity of Science and Technology, the Royal Melbourne In­sti­tute of Technology in Australia and the Uni­ver­sity of British Columbia in Canada.

The School has a full time faculty complement of 17, twelve of whom are Ph.D. degree holders in various plan­ning and plan­ning-related fields. The rest are Master’s degree holders in various fields of plan­ning like Urban and Re­gio­nal Plan­ning and Resource and Re­gio­nal Plan­ning. Additional eleven administrative staff serving as support personnel for its different sections – Office of the Dean, Office of Graduate Studies and library. It has also five re­search and train­ing staff assigned in the Research/Publications and Train­ing Offices.

The School has a population of about 300 graduate students coming from both govern­ment and private sectors. Admitted students come from multi-disciplinary fields, such as architecture, eco­nom­ics, business administration, engineering, geography, law or public administration.

UP-SURP has developed Climate Change Adaptation and Dis­as­ter Risk Reduction and Management (CCA and DRRM) as one of its four field of specializations, tailoring its curriculum and assigning experts in its faculty to this specialization. A quarter of the SURP regular faculty are environmental plan­ning and management experts. The SPRING curriculum assimilates this specialization in the course on Special Problems in Re­gio­nal Plan­ning as well as in the outputs of the Plan­ning Work­shop. The workshop aims at the preparation of a comprehensive development plan for a particular study area in the Philippines (a province or a cluster of municipalities), thus providing train­ing that is both theory and practice-oriented. The study site is carefully selected, usually in co-operation with the local governments who themselves have a strong interest in the output. Additional classroom exercises/semi­nars deal with social, economic, administrative and political aspects of development plan­ning. The programme concludes with a Master’s thesis, in which students demonstrate their ability to conduct empirical re­search on a relevant plan­ning topic and elaborate reasonable concepts for plan­ning issues. Graduates from UP-SURP receive a Master Degree in Re­gio­nal Development Plan­ning. TU Dort­mund Uni­ver­sity and the Uni­ver­sity of the Philippines jointly issue the final certificate and transcript. 

The building of the School are located along E. Jacinto St. corner Magsaysay St. The main building is a three-story structure which hosts the offices of the Dean, Faculty Room, Office of the Research and Publications, Office of Train­ing and Extension Service, the SPRING Room, Library and the Graduate and Administrative Offices, while the pre-fab building serves as classrooms and workshop/seminar rooms.


Uni­ver­sity of the Philippines
School of Urban and Re­gio­nal Plan­ning (SURP)

Diliman, Quezon City 1101

Phone: +63-2-9206853
Fax: +63-2-9291637
Homepage: http://www.surp.upd.edu.ph/ 


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