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Campus der SPRING Partneruniversität (UFABC) - Brazil © Fernando Perelmutter​/​UFABC Campus
SPRING Network

Federal Uni­ver­sity of ABC (UFABC) - São Paulo, Brazil

Located in the region known as ABC, the Federal Uni­ver­sity of ABC (UFABC) was created to contribute to the education of Brazilian people, to advance knowledge in engineering, mathematics, computing, natural and human sciences; and to meet the demands for regional industrial activity and public administration. Founded in 2006, today it operates in two campuses, in the cities of Santo André and São Bernardo do Campus, located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. UFABC has an inter­dis­ci­plin­ary concept based on a pioneering pedagogical plan and offers 24 undergraduate programmes and 29 graduate programmes in different fields of study. UFABC has invested in re­search and graduate studies based on the spirit of knowledge construction beyond Brazilian borders, having already established a reputation for high-level inter­dis­ci­plin­ary and internationally re­search and teaching. In the Times Higher Education World Uni­ver­sity Rankings 2020 the uni­ver­si­ty already ranks in the third place of the Brazilian universities regarding the criterion in­ter­na­tio­nal perception, and first among the federal in­sti­tu­ti­ons. Numerous re­search groups have gained in­ter­na­tio­nal projection, reflected in high-impact academic-scientific production and the establishment of UFABC as a target for foreign partners.

The SPRING Programme is supported by two graduate programmes in Ter­ri­to­ri­al Plan­ning and Management and Public Policies. Both at the masters and doctoral level, operating at the Campus of São Bernardo do Campo. They are connected to the Engineering, Modelling and Applied Social Sciences Centre (CECS), where corresponding Bachelor Courses in Spatial Plan­ning and Public Policies are offered. The Ter­ri­to­ri­al Plan­ning and Management Programme is divided into three fields of teaching and re­search: (1) Ter­ri­to­ri­al Dynamics; (2) State, Policies, Plan­ning and Management Instruments; (3) Methods and Techniques in Ter­ri­to­ri­al Management and Plan­ning. The Public Policies Program is equally divided in three teaching and re­search clusters: (1) Public Policy Analysis and Management; (2) Institutions, Society and Democratic Gov­er­nance; (3) Public Policies in International Perspective.


Federal Uni­ver­sity of ABC (UFABC)
Pró-Reitoria de Pós-Graduação/SPRING

Bloco Delta – Sala 24
Alameda da Universidade, s/n
09606-045 São Bernardo do Campo
São Paulo, BRAZIL

Email: spring@ufabc.edu.br
Homepage: UFABC


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