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Draft Information: Winter semester 2020/21

As the TU Dortmund announced, the winter semester 2020/2021 will probably take place as a hybrid semester. All students will be offered as much classroom teaching as possible under the infection prevention measures then in force. However, it is foreseeable that a complete normal operation on campus will not be possible. Digital teaching will therefore remain an important component in the winter semester.

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If conditions remain as they are at the moment, the Faculty of Spatial Planning intends to combine classroom and online teaching. According to the current status, it is planned that

  • the projects will be prioritized when it comes to classroom teaching, especially projects for first-year students.
  • the urban planning designs should be taught in attendence
  • the exercises assigned to the lectures (for the first semesters) should be taught in attendence.
  • lectures will mainly be held online; There may be exceptions for the first semester in the Bachelor's degree.
  • the SPRING programme will be taught completly online, but rooms will be provided on site for the students.

The exact structure of the courses as well as information on other courses that may take place in attendance (master's seminars, exercises in module 11 of the bachelor's degree, possibly also individual seminars in the bachelor's degree) can be found in LSF in the next few weeks. All information to be found in LSF is, however, subject to the occurrence of the infection.

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